Over the past century, the value and importance of intellectual property has grown rapidly worldwide. While it is crucial for companies to successfully manage their intangible assets, they face difficult questions in attempting to navigate the complex business and legal environment that surrounds IP rights.

Economic Approaches to Intellectual Property Policy, Litigation, and Management will equip you with tools and strategies at the forefront of economic thinking about many of today’s most prominent intellectual property issues. Co-edited by Dr. Gregory K. Leonard and Dr. Lauren J. Stiroh, this book is an anthology of 23 articles by economists associated with NERA, whose analyses have played a crucial role in numerous landmark legal and regulatory cases. The chapters explore topics ranging from the valuation of IP damages to intellectual property rights protection in China and the antitrust implications of standard setting and patent pools.

The book addresses such key questions as:

How should the owner of IP rights be compensated when those rights are violated?

What role should antitrust and competition policy play in intellectual property matters?

How can companies more accurately assess their R&D investments and strategies?

Should emerging economic powers implement and enforce more stringent intellectual property rights?

Chapter List

Economic Approaches to Intellectual Property Policy, Litigation, and Management should prove to be of interest to economists, lawyers, policy makers, executives managing IP portfolios, and law and business schools. The book is now available on Amazon.com or directly from NERA for bulk orders of 10 or more copies.

Gregory K. Leonard, Editor
Lauren J. Stiroh, Editor

Phillip A. Beutel
Sarah M. Butler
Joseph P. Cook
Alan Cox
Jesse David
Christian Dippon
Eugene P. Ericksen
John H. Johnson
Vinita M. Juneja
Noriko Kakihara
George G. Korenko
Susan C. S. Lee
Alyssa Lutz
Thomas R. McCarthy
Christine Meyer
Rika Onishi Mortimer
Richard T. Rapp
Bryan Ray
Kristina Sepetys
Ramsey Shehadeh
Marion B. Stewart
Paola Maria Valenti
Lawrence Wu
Jason Zeitler